Owl Numerical Library

Owl is a dedicated library for engineering and scientific computing. It is designed in the functional programming language OCaml, and aims to provide programmers a powerful numerical framework to write concise, high-performance and type-safe applications.

The project is my on-going research in the Computer Lab, University of Cambridge. You can fork my project code on the Github Repository.

Tutorial Book

The full documentation consists of two parts. You can access both parts from the current page. The first part is a Tutorial Book which gives you a brief tour of the overall system with many examples and explanations. This part is mostly written by hand.

API Reference

The second part is the API Reference built automatically from Owl’s repository by the parser I wrote. The API Reference cover the important functions and provides links to the source code form many functions in the library.


Here are some examples to showcase Owl’s capability.

Contact Me

You can reach me in the following ways, looking forward to hearing from you!