Jean's Exhibition of Angels in King's,  Advent 2015


full set


King's College Chapel

KC Chapel May

Angels high above

King's Chapel Angels

KC Angels Sep

taken from the level

1441 Foundation

JMB Angel cards Dec

Angelic menu cards

Jean's Exhibition

JMB Angel Expo

Private Views

Angel paintings

JMB Angels Dec

no preview

Angel Exhibition in Advent,  2015

King's Chapel in the sun,  May 30th 2015


back lawn and King's Chapel


south door Angels


Angels high above


decoration by the south door

King's Chapel Angels,  September 10th 2015


window behind the Angel


almost on a level


lion above the porch

1441 Foundation Dinner,  December 5th 2015


cards at the Top Table


at the Top Table


back of the card


cards through the Hall

Exhibition at the Art Centre,  Advent 2015


Jean by the hearth, November 29th


Gabriel with trellis


Oriel in watercolour


with Anthony Bowen, November 29th


photographer Nigel


Alison and mother


side of the Chapel


Ray and Megan


Jean with Thomas, Mike and Dorothee


Jean with Ronny


Guido at Exhibition


Caroline and Clive


Ian Jones and Jean


Jean with Chaoying and Wenying


Russell Moore


Pamela Raspe