A few suggestions follow, but this is certainly not an exhaustive list.
Get in contact if you're interested in anything around mobility (phones), data, privacy, provenance, distributed systems, cloud, etc. (jatinder.singh (at) cl.cam.ac.uk).


Blockchain and beyond!

There is a lot of excitement around blockchain to enable a whole range of new systems and services. But we must work through the hype!

There are many possible projects in this space: from managing micropayments in 'connected worlds' (smart-cities, IoT); security/vulnerability analysis; using blockchain to tackle 'fake news', etc.

Do get in contact to discuss


Physical world privacy

Data being collected constantly from everywhere - environmental sensors, cameras, etc. A lot of this through relating to the physical environment/space you're in, and those around you. At present there are few means, technical or otherwise, for opting out.

This project is to explore means to have some control over the data collected on you within a physical space. Imagine the ability to 'tell' someone's Alexa 'not to hear me', or a Google-glass wearer to `ignore me'.


Physical world gaming

Pokemon-go brought the concept of augmented reality-driven gaming to the masses. However, many games in the space tend to be location and image based -- i.e. responding to a person's (device's) location, and viewpoint. However, as the Internet of Things evolves, where connected 'things' have actuation capabilities, there is real potential for gaming to bring about physical-world effects. This project is to explore the potential in this space')'


Fog/edge computing: mediating between cloud (global) and local services.

These days, we see much use of the 'cloud' to deliver applications and services. However, as computing becomes more pervasive (i.e. with the Internet of Things) there will be more local interactions -- e.g. a person and their current physical environment (e.g. their home, the train station or shopping mall they're in, etc.)

Sometimes the use of (centralised) cloud services will be sensible, e.g. especially where 'actions' are based on (heavy) data analytics. But other times, direct actions may be more appropriate -- if I'm interacting with my appliances when I'm home, why involve a cloud provider?

This project would investigate a platform for better managing interactions directly between 'things' and/or cloud services when/where appropraite.

The potential gains are not only in efficiency (e.g. reducing connectivity requirements), but could help address security and privacy concerns, by removing the middleman in certain instances.


Playing with movement

Most current-gen mobile devices have a bunch of accelerometers, gyroscropes, and other related sensor streams that can be used for various purposes.

This is an experimental-based project basically about doing more with movement.
For example, can certain movements (or patterns there of) uniquely identify someone? How easy is it to detect when groups of people are peforming similar movements, using different devices etc.

Lots of cool applications for this - everything from security (phone locks, PKI) to enabling collaboration between people in gaming or event spaces


Supporting behavioural change

Reminders and notifications have been shown to effect real behavioural change.

This project explores how a technical infrastructure can improve health and well-being, where a person (or their care community) to be prompted when/where relevant to effect some lifestyle change. Stuff like remember to go for a walk, not to smoke or before 10, etc.

There are many aspects to this project -- so there is some freedom to focus on areas of interest.
This could include developing a suitable (reliable, secure) messaging capability (comms), complex event processing - that is, working out when important things have happened, the best time to send a message etc (which involves combining data from various sources e.g. phone sensors with environmental data, and perhaps open datasets), how to specify policy (e.g. can we take a complex set of actions when something happens), etc.