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Jat Singh

Senior Research Associate
Computer Laboratory
Senior Research Associate
Centre for Science and Policy
(PDR) - St John's College

Email: jatinder.singh(a)


My research concerns the management and control of distributed systems. That is, how policy, representing user and/or functional concerns can dictate how and when `things' happen.

As such, I focus a lot on issues of privacy, security, in addition to more generally enabling new and innovative functionality and solutions. This typically within the context of cloud computing and/or pervasive computing (the internet of things).

At a technical level, I work on enabling context-aware, dynamically reconfigurable infrastructure (middleware). Much of my research and commercial experience revolves around health and judicial systems---application domains where information is sensitive. I have worked for large and small IT service companies, ran a medical IT startup, and provide consulting services.
More generally, I am very interested technology-related policy (here, `policy' in a political sense): considering the social, economic and legal impacts of new technologies. This has me involved in a number of outreach activities. I have some background in law.

Originally from Australia, my hobbies are travel, travel and travel. I try to speak Español, a veces - and some Magyar.

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