ran : ('a, 'b) func -> 'b list
This is one of a suite of operations on finite partial functions, type ('a,'b)func. These may sometimes be preferable to ordinary functions since they permit more operations such as equality comparison, extraction of domain etc. The ran operation returns the range of such a function, i.e. the set of result values for the points on which it is defined.

Attempts to setify the resulting list, so may fail if the range type does not admit comparisons.

  # ran (1 |=> "1");;
  val it : string list = ["1"]
  # ran(itlist I [2|->4; 3|->6] undefined);;
  val it : int list = [4; 6]

|->, |=>, apply, applyd, choose, combine, defined, dom, foldl, foldr, graph, is_undefined, mapf, ran, tryapplyd, undefine, undefined.