Possible Delays on Route 73

Note: Expect possible delays on Route 73 due to construction.
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Traveling to Lake Placid

Getting to Lake Placid is a bit more interesting than getting to, e.g., New York or Chicago. So mix & match the options outlined below, and enjoy the trip!

Option 1

The simplest option is to fly into a nearby city, rent a car, and drive. For this the best cities would be Montreal or Albany. Commuter flights into Albany are available from New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Newark, and many other places.

Option 2

Another option is to fly to Montreal, Albany, or New York, and take a Trailways bus to Lake Placid. Information on Trailways is available at websites mentioned below, but tickets to Lake Placid may not be available on-line; for that you may need to use the 800 number and order by phone.
Trailways bus link: http://www.escapemaker.com/travel.php?vacation=adirondacktrailways&trip=schedules

Option 3

Yet another option is to use Amtrak. Once again, this can be done from Montreal, Albany, or New York. The train does not go all the way to Lake Placid; the closest station is in Westport, a small town on Lake Champlain. From there, a 45 min. shuttle bus ride takes you the rest of the way. The trip from Montreal would be 5 hours plus. From Albany it's less than 4 hours on the road plus layover time for the shuttle; a typical trip from Albany is shown in detail. In this case, the layover is short.
Amtrak link: http://tickets.amtrak.com/itd/amtrak
An example journey:

Option 4

Finally, there are flights on Cape Air from Boston to Saranac Lake, which is 10 miles from Lake Placid. A taxi could then be taken to Lake Placid using a local company such as Tri Lakes Taxi.
Cape Air link: http://www.capeair.com/
An example journey: