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DOOM Honorific Titles
Created by Frank Stajano on 1994 05 01

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This is still an experimental phase with the new automated system: there may still be bugs, and many things aren't fully enabled, so I haven't advertised it very widely yet. In fact, I haven't advertised it at all. I'd like to first get some feedback from people such as you, who discovered it before the others. Please try it out and let me know if you find any problems. Mail me with a subject line starting with DHT6.

FAQ:What do I put in my .zip exam file?
This has confused a few of you, apparently. But it's simple: everything you would have put in it under DHT5. This means three assigned lmps, one FREE lmp, your challenge (now in html) and a .txt description of the lot.
Also note that the userid is now up to 4 chars (I planned for expansion, you see), so the exam file name no longer has a dash: D1M6FMS.ZIP or D1M6FMS2.ZIP, not D1M6-FMS.ZIP.
Full instructions are on their way but I figured you'd prefer to give the challenge generator a go without having to wait any more. Fear not, you won't be CRAPped for trivia like this while we are in the DHT6 playground. Most of it is my fault anyway.

If you have at least 2 titles from DHT5 and below, and are a Quake player, I'd be pleased to hear from you to define the level sets for the new Quake titles.

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