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 Mini Project List

Current list of mini projects as follows. You are free to change any time, just let me know if you change.

Name OpenSource Project Mini Project Title
Franciszek Budrowski RLGraph Benchmarking recent RL algorithm Phasic Policy Gradient (PPG) with RLGraph
Alexander Frost Park Exploring device placement optimisation using reinforcement learning and simulation with Park
Matthew Guest RLGraph Demonstrating the interoperability and incremental testing capabilities of RLGraph (poss. extension bridging to REGAL)
Sean Parker PyTorch and TensorFlow Exploring Distributed Reinforcement Learning
Armins Stepanjans Pyro and TensorFlow Comparison of Pyro and TensorFlow Probability (performance comparison of PP's inference algorithms )
Samuil Stoychev PyTorch and BoTorch Model Compression with Bayesian Optimisation and PyTorch
Ross Tooley BoTorch and Pyro (+ProBO) Bayesian Optimisation with a parametric Pyro prior using ProBO
Luou Wen BoTorch Benchmarking BoTorch for Hyperparameter Optimization for Reinforcement Learning
Zhuang Zhang Naiad Improve the progress tracking of Naiad