Generic System Synthesis
Eternal and Ubiquitous Systems

David Greaves

University of Cambridge

Computer Laboratory

March 2003

Introduction to the Problem

  • Aims and introduction.

  • Structural, Behavioural and Declarative.

  • Why Declarative?.

    Our first Approach

  • One Approach.

  • Divide By 3 Example.

  • Midi Merge Example.

  • MFM Coders Example.

  • H1 Details.

    Each of these examples can be rendered as a software program or a hardware design.

    I/O, Nodes and Arithmetic.

  • I/O Design Considerations.

  • I/O Fundamental Problems.

  • Nodes and I/O Ports.

  • VLIW Design.

    Future Ideas

  • Power Conserving Generation.

  • Home.           SRG Talk. 12 March 2003. DJ Greaves.