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Mobile and Sensor Systems (2010-2011)

A zip of the lectures (2 per page) format here.

Specific lecture (1 per page) slides here:

Lecture 1: Wireless Systems.

Lecture 2: Mobile MAC Layer.

Lecture 3: Telecommunication Systems.

Lecture 4: Wireless LAN, Bluetooth and Ad Hoc Networks.

Lecture 5: Ad Hoc and Delay Tolerant Networks.

Lecture 6: Sensor Systems and MAC Layer Protocols.

Lecture 7: Sensor Network Routing Protocols

Lecture 8: Sensor Systems Reprogramming and Mobile Sensing.

Reading List

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Karl, H. and A. Willing (2005). Protocols and architectures for wireless sensor. Wiley.

C.S. Murthy and B. Manoj. 2004. Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. Prentice Hall.

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