Research and Projects

I research on Mobile Systems. I am interested in how to make them more efficient and effective in understanding human behaviour.

I have worked on a variety of projects funded by various government and industrial bodies (listed here). My recent focus has been on Mobile Health and how devices and sensing can aid the diagnostic and illess progession monitoring. Below a sample of most recent projects. For all results of my work please check my publication list.

On Device Audio based Analytics

I work on a variety of techniques to use audio to understand behaviour (e.g., emotions) from user worn devices.

Device Efficient and Effective Mobile Technologies for Diagostics of Neurological Diseases

Through a variety of funding sources, we are exploring the use of mobile technologies for early diagnosis and progression of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease.

Mobile Health: Behaviour Monitoring and Interventions

We have a number of projects which use mobile device software to monitor people's behaviour in a variety of settings, for example of medical adherence, smoking cessation and mental health. .

Office Analytics

I worked on devices and analytics of face to face interactions in offices.

Urban Analytics and Human Mobility

We have built a variety of spatio temporal models for understanding human behaviour in cities from data.