This looks nice, is this a blog?

Certainly no.

Does it aspire to be one?

Most certainly, no.

Does that mean it is going to be updated rarely?

You could not be more correct!

Where can I find (some of) your code?

You can find most of my polished enough code to be presentable at my Github; there is also a link in the main page.

I have a great opportunity for you, should I contact you?

Great, that’s good to hear! If you want me to give you a serious reply then please consider the following:

  • Your company tries to solve interesting, exciting problems.
  • Support for writing, speaking, and publishing.
  • Support for remote work.
  • Your compensation package is generous enough to be in the same ballpark as top industry companies (>80k/py in EU, >100k/py in US).
  • (if in US) Provide comprehensive benefits, paid leave of at least 40 working days, and top notch health insurance.

If you are from the financial sector, or defense I most likely would not be interested in what you have to offer; unless the following, in addition to above, hold true:

  • You commit to open-source, regularly.
  • I don’t have to sign a draconian NDA.
  • I don’t have to sign a 10y permanent contract.

Are you really a Sith apprentice?

Yes, although I am not allowed to use my lightsaber a lot so I give most of my battles using my trusty keyboards (Das 4 Ultimate with blank Galaxy PBT keycaps, Ducky Shine YotS again with blank Galaxy PBT keycaps, and on the go with my CM Masterkeys Pro).