Some Favourite Sculpture Parks

A long time ago, I mentioned in a slightly pathetic online summary of my leisure interests that "one of these days I might publish my collection of photos of sculpture parks around the world". I asked for email requests if anyone would like to see the start of an online guide to sculpture parks. Since then, a few kind folk expressed an interest, but only one or two a year. I promised that each time I received an email from an interested person, I would respond with one more published photograph. However after I did three of those, my slide scanner got mothballed (and I've not been visiting so many parks since I went digital)!

But now, all is saved! If you like sculpture parks, you don't need to hang around here. You need Benbow Bullock's wonderful International Directory of Sculpture Parks. Hats off to you, Benbow, and thanks!

Giacometti, at Louisiana.

Jean Arp, at the Kroller-Muller.

Barbara Hepworth, at Snape Maltings.

Some favourite sculpture parks include: Kroller-Muller museum (Netherlands), Vigelund park (Norway), Louisiana (Denmark), Henry Moore Foundation (England), Hirshhorn museum (Washington DC)).

I used to say: "Tell me if you would like to see more of this on the Web (either the photos or the links). Even better, tell me if someone else has already done it!" Now I say - visit Benbow Bullock's International Directory of Sculpture Parks.

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