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Mathematics for Computation Theory
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Mathematics for Computation Theory

Principal lecturer: Dr Ken Moody (km@cl.cam.ac.uk)
Taken by: Part II (General), Diploma

Past exam questions (annotated)
Study guide for this course (also in PDF)
Lectures will take place in two distinct phases.  See dates of the lectures (also in PDF)
Six example classes (also in PDF) will be given in connection with this course.  These classes are intended primarily for the inexperienced, but experts are also welcome
A short bibliography for the course is available in PDF

Additional material in PDF:
Discrete Maths questions for part A of this course
Relevant past exam questions for both parts of this course
Solutions to selected exercises will be posted from time to time
A supervisor's guide is available on request by e-mail

There's also a note on Kleene's Theorem for mathmos

Foils from the Diploma course introductory lecture on October 5th