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Introduction to Algorithms
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Introduction to Algorithms

Principal lecturer: Dr Frank Stajano
Taken by: Part II (General), Diploma

Hall of fame

My smartest students for this course

DateNameClaim to fame
2005-10-07Jean-Baptiste HetierFirst to respond to microchallenge 1 (only 32 mins after the end of the lecture), with an exemplarily clear solution, though only 2/3 correct.
2005-10-07Michael DawberFirst 100% correct answer for microchallenge 1 (but without any explanation).
2005-10-09Cecily MorrisonMeritorious pedantry and lateral thinking about microchallenge 1.
2005-10-10James BridgeCorrectly found the number of subsets of {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}
2005-10-12Jean-Baptiste HetierFirst correct answer for microchallenge 2
2005-10-12Jean-Baptiste HetierFirst correct answer for microchallenge 3 (at the 2nd try)
2005-10-12Kay Henning BrodersenCorrect answer for microchallenge 2
2005-10-12James BridgeCorrect answer for microchallenge 3
2005-10-13James BridgeCorrect answer for microchallenge 2 (at the 2nd try, after discussion with peers)
2005-10-13Michael DodsonCorrect answer for microchallenge 2

Helpful typo spotters

2005-10-12author1713functions as graphsfunctions as matrices
2005-10-17author12-4The bit with N Z Q R C, which I can't easily typeset in portable HTML.All the inclusion symbols in that chain should be the other way round.

Negative lines are counted from the bottom of the page.

Additional material

2005-10-07 Lecture 1

You may play with the Towers of Hanoi at Superkids (among other places) if making them out of cardboard is not your idea of fun. As you might expect, on the web you'll find more than you could possibly want to know about this puzzle.