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Digital Electronics
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Digital Electronics

Principal lecturer: Dr Simon Moore
Taken by: Part IA (50% option), Part IB, Part II (General), Diploma

Past exam questions



  • Introduction
  • Boolean algebra
  • Logic minimisation
  • Complexities of logic design
  • Flip-flops and latches
  • Synchronous state machines
  • Further state machines
  • Discrete devices
  • LSI components and memories
  • Programmable logic devices
  • Asynchronous state machines

Now that the lectures have all been delivered, the recordings of the lectures are now available.

Supervision Work

Suggested supervision work has been provided at the end of each lecture. It is recommended that these questions form the minimum set, with additional material coming from individual supervisors and past examination questions


Lecture handouts are available from Student Administration in the Computer Laboratory (William Gates Building). A PDF version of the handouts is available for access within the cam.ac.uk domain.


Hardware practical classes accompany this course.


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