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Advanced Graphics
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Advanced Graphics

Principal lecturer: Dr Neil Dodgson
Taken by: Part II

Past exam questions are in two different places: 98, 99, 02, 03, 04, 05 and 00, 01
Lecture notes (867 kB PDF).
An introduction to the surface representations used in CAD (864 kB PDF).
Subdivision curves & surfaces (618 kB PDF)
Solution notes to some exam questions

Note that the lectures on computer animation are not examinable.


You should expect to have two supervisions. I provide two sets of exercises which your supervisor may well choose to use.
  • Exercise set 1 for the first supervision, covering material up to and including splines.
  • Exercise set 2 for the second supervision, covering material from subdivision to radiosity (inclusive).

Useful web sites


Graphics hardware

Ray tracing


  • The subdivision.org website which compliments the book "Subdivision Methods For Geometric Design: A Constructive Approach" by Joe Warren and Henrik Weimer. It has a short tutorial on subdivision and Java applets illustrating both curve and surface subdivision.

Implicits and CSG