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Database Theory
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Database Theory

Lecturers: Dr Gavin Bierman and Dr Anuj Dawar
Taken by: Part II

Past exam questions

This lecture course is now finished. Please give us feedback or email us to help us improve the course!

Lecture material

The lecture notes are available on-line (4-up format).

Examples classes

There were two examples classes, one by each lecturer.


Lecture 1 (GMB): Friday 23rd January

Material covered: Slides 1-27

Lecture 2 (AD): Monday 26th January

Material covered: Slides 28-45

Lecture 3 (AD): Wednesday 28th January

Material covered: Slides 46-65

Lecture 4 (AD): Friday 30th January

Material covered: Slides 66-81

Lecture 5 (AD): Monday 2nd February

Material covered: Slides 82-97

Lecture 6 (GMB): Wednesday 4th February

Material covered: Slides 98-118


  • Mackinouchi, A consideration of normal form of not-necessarily-normalized relations in the relational model. VLDB. 1977
  • Jaeshcke & Schell, Remarks on the algebra on non first normal form relations. PODS, 1982.
  • Thomas & Fischer, Nested relational structures. In "Advances in Computing research, vol 3". pages 269-307. 1986
  • Abiteboul & Bidoit, Non first normal form relations: An algebra allowing restucturing. Journal of Computer and System Sciences 33(3):361-390, 1986.

Lecture 7 (GMB): Friday 6th February

Material covered: Slides 119-154


  • The OODBMS manifesto can be downloaded from here
  • The 3rd generation manifesto can be downloaded from here
  • Cattell et al. The object data standard: ODMG 3.0 Morgan Kaufmann, 2000.

Lecture 8 (GMB): Monday 9th February

Material covered: Slides 155-end

I used the Galax on-line demo available from Bell labs


  • Abiteboul, Buneman, Suciu. Data on the web. Morgan Kaufmann. 2000.


  • Slide 11 The gremlins struck again! The Guide schema should be {Title, Cinema, Time}! (i.e. swap round the Title,Cinema). Here is the correct slide. (The on-line notes are corrected!)
  • Slides 35 and 41 Not an error, but please note that t1,...,tn and u1,...,un on these slides are both tuples of terms rather than terms.