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Computation Theory
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Computation Theory

Principal lecturer: Dr Ken Moody
Taken by: Part IB, Part II (General), Diploma


A student's guide for the course together with a Bibliography forms the first section of the lecture notes.  It can be downloaded in .pdf format.   The course material proper is available in hard copy form only.

A supervisor's guide for the course is available (send an e-mail request to me or to Fiona Billingsley)

The additional foils from the first two lectures are available as .pdf,
also the estimate of a code for the multiplier register machine, in .pdf

Turing machine programming examples: intro, prize

Tony Finch's elegant solution to the log function problem

Michael Smith's economical solution to the competition puzzle,
(with a proof of uniqueness of the function f)

Here  is a solution to the exercise on the intersection of recursively enumerable sets

Past exam questions, classified by course section with comments (and one or two solutions)