Computer Science Part IA (50% option)

University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Lecture rooms, times, and start dates are provisional and are subject to change. Please check the official timetable for up to date details.


Digital Electronics
Prof Ian Leslie
Arts School Room A (11:00 starting 6/10/2001)
Foundations of Computer Science
Dr Larry Paulson
Cockcroft Lecture Theatre (12:00 starting 6/10/2001)
Hardware Practical Classes
Dr Ian Pratt
Cockcroft Building Floor 4 (14:00 starting 18/10/2001)
Learning Day
Dr Arthur Norman
Arts School Room A (17:00 starting 18/10/2001)
Professional Practice and Ethics
Dr Richard Jennings
Hopkinson Lecture Room (11:00 starting 1/11/2001)
Computer Perspectives
Hopkinson Lecture Room (11:00 starting 3/11/2001)
Discrete Mathematics - first half of course
Dr Peter Robinson
Cockcroft Lecture Theatre (12:00 starting 10/11/2001)


Dr Frank King
Hopkinson Lecture Room (11:00 starting 17/1/2002)
Discrete Mathematics - second half of course
Prof Glynn Winskel
Cockcroft Lecture Theatre (12:00 starting 17/1/2002)
Programming in Java
Dr Arthur Norman
Cockcroft Lecture Theatre (12:00 starting 5/2/2002)
Software Engineering I
Dr Alan Blackwell
Arts School Room A (11:00 starting 14/2/2002)
Software Engineering II
Dr Larry Paulson
Arts School Room A (11:00 starting 28/2/2002)


Regular Languages and Finite Automata
Dr Andrew Pitts
Hopkinson Lecture Room (11:00 starting 25/4/2002)
Operating Systems
Tim Harris
Cockcroft Lecture Theatre (12:00 starting 25/4/2002)
Structured Hardware Design
Dr David Greaves
Hopkinson Lecture Room (11:00 starting 9/5/2002)

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