Computer Science Part IA (50% option)

University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Lecture rooms, times, and start dates are provisional. Please check the official timetable for correct details.


Digital Electronics
Prof Ian Leslie
Arts School Room A (11:00 starting 7/10/00)
Foundations of Computer Science
Dr Larry Paulson
Cockcroft Lecture Theatre (12:00 starting 7/10/00)
Discrete Mathematics
Dr Peter Robinson
Cockcroft Lecture Theatre (12:00 starting 11/10/00)
Learning Day
Dr Arthur Norman
Arts School Room A (17:00 starting 19/10/00)
Professional Practice and Ethics
Dr Richard Jennings
Hopkinson Lecture Room (11:00 starting 2/11/00)
Computer Perspectives
Hopkinson Lecture Room (11:00 starting 4/11/00)


Dr Frank King
Hopkinson Lecture Room (11:00 starting 18/1/01)
Programming in Java
Dr Arthur Norman
Cockcroft Lecture Theatre (12:00 starting 6/2/01)
Software Engineering I
Dr Ross Anderson
Arts School Room A (11:00 starting 15/2/01)
Software Engineering II
Dr Larry Paulson
Arts School Room A (11:00 starting 1/3/01)


Operating Systems
Dr Steven Hand
Cockcroft Lecture Theatre (12:00 starting 24/4/01)
Regular Languages and Finite Automata
Dr Andrew Pitts
Hopkinson Lecture Room (11:00 starting 26/4/01)
Structured Hardware Design
Dr David Greaves
Hopkinson Lecture Room (11:00 starting 10/5/01)

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