University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Principal lecturer: Dr Andrew Pitts (amp12@cl.cam.ac.uk)
Taken by: Part II

  • Syllabus.
  • Lecture notes and slides. [ps]
  • List of corrections to the notes.
  • Past exam questions (Copies of model answers to selected past exam questions are available to course supervisors and Part II students from Graeme Fairhurst in Arup 201.)
  • Additional material:
  • Need more help understandoing the material in Chapter 4 (Polymorphic Reference Types)? Try Section Value Polymorphism of the `SML'97 Conversion Guide' provided by SML/NJ.
  • The types forum carries discussion and announcements concerning research into type systems.
  • Supervision arrangements for Michaelmas Term 1999

    In order to be assigned a supervisor by the Computer Laboratory, please sign up on the sheet which will be posted on the board in Cockcroft 4 between Thursday 7 Oct and Thursday 14 Oct.

    (N.B. Some Colleges assign CST Part II supervisors themselves, rather than relying upon the service provided by the Computer Laboratory. If in doubt, ask your Director of Studies.)

    Once you have been assigned a supervisor, you should arrange to have two supervisions for this course during Michaelmas Term.


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