Neural Computing

University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Lecturer: Dr John Daugman (

No. of lectures: 16

Prerequisite courses: Continuous Mathematics, Probability


The aims of this course are to investigate how biological nervous systems accomplish the goals of machine intelligence but while using radically different strategies, architectures, and hardware; and to investigate how artificial neural systems can be designed that try to emulate some of those biological principles in the hope of capturing some of their performance.



At the end of the course students should

Reference books

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Bishop, C.M. (1995). Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition. Oxford University Press.
Haykin, S. (1994). Neural Networks: A Comprehensive Foundation. Macmillan.
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Lecturer: Dr John Daugman (
Taken by: Part II
Number of lectures: 16
Lecture location: Hopkinson Lecture Room
Lecture times: 12:00 on TT starting 20-Jan-00