Computer Vision

University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Lecturer: Dr John Daugman (

No. of lectures: 8

Prerequisite course: Continuous Mathematics


The aims of this course are to introduce the principles, models and applications of computer vision. The course will cover image structure and encoding; edge and feature detection; interpretation of surfaces; texture, colour, stereo, and motion; wavelet methods in vision; parameterisations for solids and shapes; visual inference; and strategies for automatic face recognition.



At the end of the course students should

Reference book

Jain, R., Kasturi, R. & Schunck, B.G. (1995). Machine Vision. McGraw-Hill.

Lecturer: Dr John Daugman (
Taken by: Part II, Part II (General), Diploma
Number of lectures: 8
Lecture location: Arts School Room A
Lecture times: 11:00 on TT starting 27-Apr-00

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