Foundations of Computer Science

University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Principal lecturer: Dr Larry Paulson (
Taken by: Part IA (50% option), Part IA (25% option and Maths with CS)
Number of lectures: 15
Lecture location: Cockcroft Lecture Theatre
Lecture times: 12:00 on TTS starting 10-Oct-98

Course notes in PostScript (312KB) and PDF (640KB)

Exercises for practical questions in DVI (1KB) and PDF (96KB)

Sample ML programs

  • introductory examples
  • list examples
  • sorting
  • examples of datatypes
  • dictionaries
  • queues and search strategies
  • functions as values
  • polynomials
  • lazy lists
  • procedural programming

  • IA(50) | IA(25 & M+CS)

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