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Part II CST SoC D/M Slide Pack 4 (ESL/TLM)

  • ESL: Electronic System Level Modelling
  • ESL Flow Model: Avoiding ISS/RTL overheads using native calls.
  • Using C Preprocessor to Adapt Firmware

    Transactional Level Modelling (TLM)

  • Transactional Level Modelling (TLM)
  • Example Protocol: 4/P Handshake at net-level and TLM level.
  • Mixing modelling styles: 4/P net-level to TLM transactors.
  • Transactor Configurations
  • Example of non-blocking coding style:
  • ESL TLM in SystemC: First Standard TLM 1.0.
  • TLM 1.0 Form Example.
  • ESL TLM in SystemC: TLM 2.0
  • TLM 2.0 - Tiny Example - Memory SRAM Model
  • TLM 2.0 Socket Types
  • Timed Transactions: Adding delays to TLM calls.
  • TLM Modelling: Adding Approximate Timing Annotations
  • TLM - Measuring Utilisation and Modelling Contention
  • Typical ISS setup with Loose Timing and Temporal Decoupling