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Digital Communications II
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Digital Communications II

Principal lecturer: Prof Jon Crowcroft
Taken by: Part II

Past exam questions

This material is provisional - the first lecture will probably be on Monday 11th oct due to accident.

0. Outline
1, 2. Introduction and Structure
3,4,5, 6. IP and TCP
Tim Griffin, Intel, Guest Lecture on BGP
Dina Papagiannaki, Intel, Guest Lecture on Router Performance
7,8 Internet Quality of Services Techniques ( ppt used in lecture)
9 QoS APIs ( ppt used in lecture)
10, 11. Scheduling and Queue Management ( ppt used in lecture)
Richard Mortier, Microsoft Research, Guest Lecture on Network Management
12. Multicast and Multimetric Routing ( ppt used in lecture)
13, 14. Economics, Stability; Label Switching ( ppt used in lecture)
IPv6 (Greg O'Shea)
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
Router Architecture
Access Networks
Wide Area Networks
Further Reading

There will be 4-5 lectures by Dr Ian Pratt, and also a number (3-4) of guest lectures by colleagues from Intel, Microsoft and elsewhere, on the practical application of the concepts presented above in real world networks, such as measurement of large scale commercial, fixed and wireless networks, the evolution of protocols such as IPv6, and its implementation, and the problems with the Interdomain Routing protocol BGP. Details will be arranged in the next week

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