Download SML.NET


Windows 98 or above
Required to run the .NET CLR.
.NET Framework or Visual Studio .NET
The .NET Redist includes the runtime, libraries and tools (notably an assembler) required to run SML.NET. The .NET SDK (included in Visual Studio .NET) includes full documentation, samples, and other tools (e.g. a disassembler and stand-alone verifier) which you may find useful.
SML/NJ compiler (optional).
The SML.NET compiler was developed using Standard ML of New Jersey (SML/NJ). If you wish to build the SML.NET compiler from sources then you will need SML/NJ version 110.44.


For the binary distribution excluding Visual Studio support, just unpack the distribution and away you go!

For the binary distribution that includes Visual Studio .NET support, just unpack the distribution; then run the executable install.exe supplied in the root directory of the distribution; finally logout and re-login to your machine for the settings to take effect.

IMPORTANT: To avoid problems, please unpack your distribution to a path that does not contain spaces, eg. C:\smlnet but not C:\Program Files\smlnet.

Download it now...

Latest version: SML.NET Version 1.2 build 1613 of 02-June-06.

Binary distribution excluding Visual Studio support: smlnet.tar.gz.

Binary distribution including Visual Studio support: vssmlnet.tar.gz.
This distribution is covered by the additional licence MSR-EULA.
Please read this licence before installation (installation implies agreement).

Source distribution (excluding Visual Studio support): smlnetsrc.tar.gz