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  Jean Bacon is Professor of Distributed Systems in the Computer Laboratory at Cambridge University. She leads the Opera Research Group with colleague Ken Moody. She is the author of Concurrent Systems (Addison Wesley) and editor-in-chief of IEEE Distributed Systems Online.
  Andrei Bejan is a Research Associate in the Computer Laboratory. He is working on statistical modelling and analysis of the transport traffic data.
  Alastair Beresford is an Academic Fellow in the Computer Laboratory, specialising in system-level security and privacy issues in ubiquitous and pervasive computing.
  David Evans is a Research Associate in the Computer Laboratory. His interests are system scalability and security and privacy of data in pervasive applications.
  Bill Fitzgerald is the Professor of Applied Statistics and Signal Processing and Head of Research in the Signal Processing Laboratory at Cambridge University. His background is in theoretical physics and he now works on the theory and applications of Bayesian inference. Some of the work of the Laboratory concerns image processing and image segmentation, content based image retrieval and data mining as well as acoustics, tracking and medical image processing.
  Richard Gibbens is a Senior Lecturer in the Computer Laboratory with interests in the modelling of computer and communications networks. Prior to joining the Computer Laboratory in 2001 he was both an EPSRC-funded Research Associate and then a Royal Society University Research Fellow based in the Statistical Laboratory within the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Cambridge University.
  Robert Harle is a Assistant Director of Research in the Computer Laboratory, specialising in positioning systems (indoors and outdoors), sensor interpretation, context-aware and sentient computing, wearable computing and autonomous navigation.

  Andy Hopper is the Professor of Computer Technology and is Head of the Computer Laboratory. He also leads the digital technology group, which has pioneered location-aware, sentient computing.
  Paris Kaimakis is a Research Associate in the Signal Processing Laboratory in the Engineering Department. He is working on the modelling and tracking of cars using video and/or audio data.
  David Ingram is a Senior Research Associate in the Computer Laboratory.
  Ken Moody is a Reader in the Computer Laboratory. His research interests include distributed database systems, information retrieval, active applications and access control (including RBAC for wide-area applications with federated management domains, and also trust-based access control systems).
  Alan Mycroft is a Professor in the programming research group within the Computer Laboratory. His research interests span an arc from semantic models of programming languages to actually building optimising compilers. He has recently worked on applying program structuring notions to ubiquitous systems.
  Niki Trigoni is a University Lecturer at the Computer Laboratory, Oxford University. Her research interests include data representation, storage management, query languages, and data mining techniques.