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Video/Photo rating

We have developed web-based applications including a video rating system and photo rating system described below. It will be extended to gaming and collaborative tasking. Users simply go to a specific website and participate by rating the videos or photos. We then analyse their behaviour and ratings to determine in what extent they are influenced by other people's choices.

Video rating

Ongoing experiments are ranging from 10 to 50 (envisaged) participants over 3 runs in total. The experiment involves participants watching a short video and providing a real-time "rating" of the quality of the video content from 0 (awful) to 10 (excellent), using a slider. We set an interval of capturing the ratings from 15 seconds to 1 minute depending on the experiment.

Snapshot of the Video Rating Application.

We have chosen the following videos for the experiments:

  1. Conference presentation (HotCloud 2011)
  2. Animation of Changing Education Paradigms (on YouTube)
  3. Oscar Ceremony in 2011 (not yet done)

Photo rating

The Photo rating application shows a series of photos by pairs and let the participants select their preferred one by sliding a cursor towards the chosen photo. The rating score is ranging from 0 to 100: 0 indicating a strong preference for the left photo (cursor positioned at the extreme left), 50 indicating no preference for any of the photo (cursor left in the centre), and 100 indicating a strong preference for the photo on the right (cursor positioned at the extreme right). The participant can express the strength of her/his preference by sliding the cursor anywhere towards the left or the right photo. The average rating score from the previous participants is displayed for half of the experiment. The participants can add messages in the chat box on each pair screen. As an incentive to participate in this experiment, we offer each participant a description of their personality profile, based on the Big Five personality traits. To this end, 50 questions are asked after the registration, before starting the photo rating. The result of the test is shown at the end of the experiment when the rating is complete, and we also use these results to investigate any correlation between paticipants' choices and personality traits.

Snapshot of the Photo Rating Application.
We also ask personality questions to participants to correlate their behaviour with their personality. Do you want to help? Please participate in this study and circulate the link: