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The Futuregrid project is looking at novel distributed systems architectures that emerge from the eScience program usage demands, in collaboration with Microsoft Research.


An overview of the complete project available and we also collaborate through the Cambridge eScience Center, which has additional information

It is closely related to the Xenoserver EPSRC funded project. The four strands of of application work make use of the xenoserver software infrastructure.

The periodic status reports provide more detail including reference to publications:

  • Initial
  • Q1
  • Q2
  • Q3
  • Q4
  • Bamboo Multicast byMarcel Dischinger, an intern student from Karlsruhe University, is derived from the Scribe algorithms, and includes a Whiteboard application. The code was contributed back to the Bamboo distribution.
  • A second intern, Jan Hoeft, has also built an Internet Coordinate Systems service. The code for this system will be available soon too.
  • project staff and principle (funded) students

    Recent survey paper

    Jon Crowcroft is the principal investigator for the project. The Futuregrid project is supported by an EPSRC grant from the eScience Core Program. and by Microsoft Research.