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NetOS file system talks August 05
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File system talks, August 2005

A series of talks on ongoing file system research in NetOS were held on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 29th in the Computer Laboratory. Slides are below.

  • XenFS: Sharing Data in a Virtualised Environment
    Mark Williamson
    Slides: [ 2] [PDF]

  • Xest: a file system for wide-area virtual machine deployments
    Tim Moreton
    Slides: [PDF]

  • Using Virtual Machines To Build Virtual Storage For Virtual Machines
    Andrew Warfield
    Slides: [PPT]

  • Datom: A Proposal for an Alternative Storage System API
    Calicrates Policroniades
    Slides: [PDF]

  • Diplomacy in storage: communicating through the proper channels in Envoy
    Russ Ross
    Slides: [PDF]

  • Spensa: A Distributed File System
    Douglas Santry
    Slides: [PPT]