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CII Home Page The Communications Innovation Institute (CII) is a Cambridge MIT Institute(CMI) funded interdisciplinary collaboration between Engineering, Computer Science, Policy Study, Management Science and Economics departments at MIT, Cambridge, UCL and BT Research to understand the communications industry value chain from research to products and services. There are four high level activities we engage in, namely disruptive systems such as low cost photonics, WiFi and other viral communication, Edge versus Core architectures; new models of content distribution and their rights; roadmapping; educational outreach to industry and government nationally and regionally.

New Web Site

The CII web site has now got a more permanent home!


The Public Launch of Project is June 15/16!


An overview of the complete project is available.

We are creating a programme of collaboration between the partners and industry for the UK for which there will be a number of work packages, and industry consortia. The MIT industry component is part of their Communications Futures Program, and companies signing up to the UK will gain a level access to that (to be negotiated). More information will be forthcoming at the launch.


To date we have helped sponsor or organise two workshops, which are examples of some of our research activity outreach:

  • WiOpt on modeling and optimsiing wireless and ad hoc networks, just recently.
  • UK Ubinet 2nd workshop May 5/6/7 in Cambridge, on Ubiquitous Computing.
  • Our public launch will be June 15/16/17: Admin Info for travel/accomodation

    Further Briefing Information

    The full proposal and details about work in the Cambridge and UCL are here.

    Slides from 6 month review and brief overview of cambridge work can also be read.

    project's powerpoint presentation template

    Jon Crowcroft is the principal investigator for the project in the Computer Lab.