Overview of the Warren ProjectHAN 
The Warren Project is related to other ATM activites in Cambridge which have the goals of providing Low Cost ATM Modules and deploying Residential ATM services to the home and within the home. ATM is one of the media we are using in the parent HAN project.

The Warren is an ATM subnetwork composed of an arbitrary mesh of very simple ATM switches and end stations and which is connected to the outside ATM network at one or more points. The novel aspect is that switches and end stations within the Warren are implementable entirely in hardware - i.e. they require no microprocessors for signalling and management. All of the signalling software for all the devices within the Warren is provided by one or more proxy servers. The proxy servers are software entities situated on one or more general-purpose computers connected to the external ATM network outside the Warren.

Warren Testbed - A summary of modules constructed to date, along with photographs and more detailed specification sheets.
Working System - A working system installed in the home of Dr. David Greaves.
Documents - Various documents and information on the Warren project.
This project is being carried out at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory with the support of Virata, Cambridge.

A full paper describing the Warren is available for members of the Computer Laboratory in here. For copyright reasons, this paper is not publicly available. An unrestricted public release of the paper is, however, available on the documents page.

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