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Expression forms: State charts and Graphical `languages'

Synthesis from diagrams (especially UML/SysML) embodies guarded actions:

The stategraph general form is:

stategraph graph_name()
  state statename0 (subgraph_name, subgraph_entry_state), ... : 

        entry:  statement;
        exit:   statement;
        body: statement;

        ...            // implied 'body:' statements
        c1 -> statename1: statement;
        c2 -> statename2: statement;
        c3 -> exit(good);

        exit(good) -> statename3: statement;
        exit(bad) -> statename4: statement;


   state statename2:

   state abort: // A special state that can be 
                  // forced remotely (also called disable).

61: (C) 2012-18, DJ Greaves, University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory.