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Get Started Systemc Experiment 1: A Basic Makefile For SystemC

This makefile can be copied from the SOCDAM directory under /toyclasses/class1/Makefile. It includes the Makefile.inc file in the parent folder. It compiles hworld.cpp and runs it. Rather than using a makefile, you can just issue the g++ command from the command line manually if you prefer.

Note that tab characters have significance in makefiles. The lines that appear to begin with 8 spaces have a tab character instead of eight spaces.

Typical contents of Makefile.inc:

# (C) 2009-13 DJG: University of Cambridge, SoCDAM.

SOCDAM   ?=/ux/clteach/SOCDAM
SYSCDIR  ?=$(SOCDAM)/systemc-2.3.0
TLM_PATH =$(SYSTEMC)/include/tlm_core/tlm_2
LDFLAGS  ?= -L$(SYSTEMC)/lib-linux64 -lsystemc
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH= $(SYSTEMC)/lib-linux64
LANG     ?=C
CLASSIP  =$(SOCDAM)/toyclasses/

Contents of Makefile:

include ../Makefile.inc
        g++ $(CXXFLAGS) hworld1.cpp $(LDFLAGS)

Example Test File hworld1.cpp

Full src file : »hworld1.cpp.

A first example can be copied from SOCDAM /toyclasses/class1/hworld1.cpp.

This should work (do something) without modification.

3: (C) 2008-17, DJ Greaves, University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory.