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NetBoards are interactive personal noticeboards situated outside offices. They are used to maintain group awareness and build a sense of community in the workplace.


NetBoards are situated displays designed to fulfil and augment the role of non-digital personal noticeboards in the workplace. Traditionally, these are small corkboards or whiteboards situated outside offices belonging to individuals or small groups of people. By replacing these with large, networked, high-fidelity touch-enabled displays, we attempt to replicate the existing physical systems' flexibility and ease-of-use, while enabling more expressive content creation techniques and remote connectivity. We have developed an understanding of the deployment environment and every-day noticeboard practices using an ethnographic study which guided system design. Users can write messages or sketch drawings on their NetBoard, as well as post images and other web-based media. NetBoards can be accessed over the internet, allowing remote viewing and modification. Initial observations of 9 deployed units demonstrate the system's flexibility, showing it being used for maintaining group awareness, workplace personalization, playful communication, and showcasing research.

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