Mesostructure modelling using texture synthesis
L. Mac Manus, M. Iwasaki, K. Kamanori, S. Sato, N. A. Dodgson

We address the problem of modelling specular reflections resulting from mesostructure in object surfaces. Mesostructure lies between microstructure and macrostructure. Microstructure is surface structure that is sufficiently small to be modelled probabalistically, such as with the well known microfacet models. Macrostructure is structure large enough to be measurable using various shape capture techniques. Between these two extremes lie many object surfaces that are rippled or dimpled on a scale too small to be captured and too structured to be averaged using a microfacet model. It is to these object surfaces that we turn our attention in this paper. Our techniques allow relighting of specularly lit objects, super-resolution of specularly lit objects, and automated generation of bump maps.


In our paper we present several examples of using our technique on still images. However, the results also hold for movie images and these videos show how our technique may be used in the relighting of a grapefruit and a lemon. Our mesostructure generation technique is applied to low-resolution normal maps to generate the specular image. Four variations are shown: The next set of videos compare our results above with those obtained using Baba's method. Note how the strucutre of the bumpy surface of the fruit is lost in this case, as a simple probability distribution is used to impose variation in the otherwise smooth surface.