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This page is devoted to haiku on the subject of theorem proving. For those who don't know, a haiku is a poem that is 17 syllables long. (Beginners, like us, may want to break this down into 3 lines: the first having 5 syllables, the second 7, and the last 5.) Here are some efforts:

    Theorem proving sucks
    I don't know why we bother
    What a waste of time.
              - Michael Norrish
    The sun spills darkness
    A dog howls after midnight
    Goals remain unsolved.
              - Chris Owens
    Forgotten lemma?
    Shameless optimist!  Use HOL,
    then you know it's right.
              - Mark Staples
    crazy semantics
    embedded in a prover
    raises exception
              - Daryl Stewart
    No more goals remain
    Out the door, down the dark road
    Unknowing city.
              - Konrad Slind
    It's blatantly clear
    You stupid machine, that what
    I tell you is true
              - Michael Norrish
    I know not a thing
    to do with theorem proving -
    somehow, life goes on.
              - Kona Macphee
    Cherry blossoms fade
    Their beauty is gossamer
    Theorems are blossoms
              - Phil Windley
    HOL words frighten me;
    In particular.
              - Robert Beers
    Theorem proving and
    sanity; Oh, my! What a
    delicate balance
              - Victor Carreno
    This chip is correct?
    Well no, but it's verified
    Which means what? (you know)
              - Evan Cohn
    What is, may be seen
    Suck and see, the answer is,
    But may not be, known
              - Gerard M Blair
    In the cool morning
    A man simplifies, a goal
    A theorem is born
              - Don Syme
    Axiom of choice
    Hilbert's epsilon serene
    I construct no more
              - Don Syme
    Co-inductive set
    I do not transgress your rules
    You are well-founded
              - Don Syme
    dense phrasing... obfuscation
    is side benefit.
              - Trent Larson
    In finding the truth
    Found a tool to demonstrate false
    and so what now ?
              - Dirk Van Heule
    Isabelle doesn't
    understand me.  I don't speak
    her meta-language.
              - Claire Quigley
    Original goal.
    Multiple nested lemmas;
    tangled tree of truth.
              - Peter Homeier
    Discouraged by haiku,
    I decide to avoid it:
    Isabelle's too hard.
              - Keith Wansbrough
    Hah!  A proof of False.
    Your axioms are bogus.
    Go back to square one.
              - Larry Paulson
    Fools seek certain truth.
    That precious pearl is hidden!
    Nothing can be proved.
              - Larry Paulson
    another failed proof
    frustration grows as a tree
    blame it on hardware
              - Isua Eliazar
    I'm no good at this.
    I proved everything is false.
    Surely some mistake?
              - Silas S Brown
    Meson search level........
    Meson search level........I think
    Its time for coffee.
              - Hugh Anderson
    Don't seek refuge here.
    Your proof attempts are hopeless.
    Use Otter instead.
              - Bill McCune

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