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Welcome to the web site of AT&T Laboratories Cambridge, which was for many years Europe's leading communications engineering research laboratory. The laboratory was internationally recognised as a centre of excellence, undertaking advanced research into communications, multimedia and mobile technologies.

AT&T Laboratories Cambridge was founded in 1986 as the Olivetti Research Laboratory, better known as ORL, under the directorship of Prof Andy Hopper FREng, who is also The Professor of Communications Engineering at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Corpus Christi College. In 1997 a joint funding arrangement with Oracle was agreed and the lab became the Olivetti & Oracle Research Lab for two years until, in January 1999 it was acquired by AT&T. In April 2002, AT&T announced that as part of their global restructuring of research, the industrially funded part of the Cambridge Laboratory would end.

This site records the final state of the lab's research projects, some of which were well-known. A number of the projects live on in some form, either through companies previously spun-out, or as research funded in the University, primarily in The Digital Technology Group within the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory.

Contact details for many of the people who worked at the lab can be found at, an independent website.
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