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			Titan Computing Service

No.131						Bulletin - Monday 1 April

	As already announced. Titan is being moved to the new
Mathematical Laboratiory at the end of September.

	Considering the usual muddle here, nothing but divine 
intervention will keep Titan going after this move (the
Free Wales army have refused to blow it up [1], so that we cannot
even collect the insurance money). Users are therefore urged 
to apply to the following for appropriate prayers.

		CU	Baha'i Society
		CU 	Buddhist Society
			Christian Science Organization
			Fellowship of St.Alban & St.Serius
			Heretics Society (Prayers here NOT checked against herecy)
		C	Inter-Collegiate Christian Union
		CU	Jewish Society
		C	Student christian Council
		C	Young Friends
[1] Pencil addition at this point: "INACCURATE ! We'll willingly do it ! FWA"

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