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Welcome to the metering site for the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory. The visualisation tool had a major revision in April 2013.

Here you will find both energy data for the Gates Building and a visualisation tool that produces a graphical presentation of the data. The visualisation works with Safari, Firefox and Chrome. To use with Internet Explorer, install Chrome Frame.

The visualisation tool can be used to explore, identify and compare the energy consumption throughout the building, either to aid in the running of the building or to inform the occupants.

Running the Visualisation

Click "Run Visualisation" on the left to start the tool, or if brave, the "Development Version" The presentation is based on a functional tree structure. Clicking on a triangle will expand the tree. Clicking a square will show the graph for a specific sensor or logical sensor (e.g. the sum of a group of sensors). Dragging the blue selection box on the lower chart will zoom the time scale for selected data in the chart view.

Graphs are presented as instantaneous power in kilo watts. For an explanation of units and cost, see here.

We are pretty close to accounting for all electricity use in the building - you can click on "Monitored Difference" in the visualisation to see how close we are.

We are currently working with users of other buildings to replicate this system.