Department of Computer Science and Technology

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Computer Laboratory Ethics Review Form (read-only)

This is the read-only version of the form for information only. The actual review form should be used to request a review by the Ethics Committee.

Please complete this form if you are undertaking any experiments in the department which involves human subjects. If you have questions concerning this form, please consult the detailed guidance in the first instance, and contact the committee via email if you still have any concerns. If you are currently a student in the Computer Laboratory, please discuss this form with your supervisor before submitting it. Please complete all the questions.

Title of the research project The title should be a single sentence.
CRSID of project leader
CRSID of supervisor This field must be completed if you are a PhD student. If you are a member of staff, please enter your own CRSID
Names of applicants Names of all applicants, including supervisor where relevant.
Multiple applicant names should be separated by a comma (e.g. "Alastair R. Beresford, Alan Blackwell")
Email address mail address to communicate with applicants.
Notes: multiple email addresses should be separated by a comma (e.g. "[Javascript required], [Javascript required]").
Start Date if exact dates are not known, please make an educated guess.
End Date if exact dates are not known, please make an educated guess.
Type of study See detailed guidance.
Funding Body Leave blank for MPhil and Undergraduate projects
Brief description Provide a brief description of the research objectives and how the study will be carried out, including how participants will be recruited.
Supporting material which might include questionnaires which will be used, or user manuals given to study participants should be uploaded later in reply to the confirmation email you receive after you click submit.
Precautions taken See detailed guidance.


Notes: You will be sent an email containing the text of your submission.