Workshop on Security and Human Behaviour (SHB 2020)

June 18–19, Cambridge


The workshop was held online in 2020. We hope to meet in person on June 3-4 2021 in the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. Here are the position papers of the speakers. All timings are UTC+1 (British Summer Time).

Here are the videos of the sessions.

Thursday 18 June

1200 Session 1 – Who are the criminals?

Ross Anderson (chair), Luca Allodi, Richard Clayton, Peter Grabosky, Anita Lavorgna, Cassandra Cross, Alice Hutchings, Sergio Pastrana Portillo

1345 Session 2 – Privacy and usability.

Alice Hutchings (chair), Zinaida Benenson, Maria Brincker, Judith Donath, Leigh-Anne Galloway, Eliot Lear, Simon Parkin

1530 Session 3 – Considering other users.

Bruce Schneier (chair), Sadia Afroz, Laura Brandimarte, Sunny Consolvo, Alisa Frik, Frank Krueger, Alan Mislove, Rick Wash

Friday 19 June

1200 Session 4 – Risk and fear.

Eliot Lear (chair), Yi Ting Chua, Ben Collier, Maryam Mehrnezhad, Daniel Thomas, Sophie van der Zee, Lydia Wilson

1345 Session 5 – Security behaviour

Alessandro Acquisti (chair), Yasemin Acar, Steven Murdoch, Katharina Pfeffer, Kami Vaniea, Marie Vasek

1520 Session 6 – Where are we going?

Judith Donath (chair), Alessandro Acquisti, Ross Anderson, Bob Axelrod, Serge Egelman, David Livingstone Smith, Tyler Moore, Elissa Redmiles, Damon McCoy, Bruce Schneier