Specification and Verification II

Lecturer: Mike Gordon
Taken by: Part II
Number of lectures: 12 (Note: there will be no lecture on Wednesday March 3, 2010)
Lecture location: Lecture Theatre 2, WGB
Lecture times: 12:00 on Mon, Wed & Thu starting Fri Feb 12, 2010

Summary: Hoare Logic and hardware. Describing hardware directly in higher order logic. Theory of words (bitstrings). Representing behaviour with predicates. Combinational and sequential behaviour. Simple CMOS examples. Edge-triggered D-type register. Verification of adder and multiplier circuits. Discussion of various transistor models. Temporal abstraction. Transition systems. Modelling with BDDs. Disjunctive partitioning (early quantification). Expressing properties in temporal logics (CTL, LTL, ITL, PSL/Sugar). Model checking. Assertion based verification (ABV). Hoare logic applied to HDL verification. Event, trace and cycle semantics of a simple Verilog-like HDL.
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