Rafał Mantiuk *

Before contacting

Please note that I will not be replaying to job-related e-mails when it is evident that the sender did not consult this page, or is mass-sending it to a large number of academics.

Summer Internships

There will be a number of summer internship opportunities in my group for registered University of Cambridge students. The list of the internships can be checked on the UROP web-site.

The Computer Laboratory generally does offer internships for non-registered (non-Cambridge) students, so please do not contact me asking for such. The Computer Laboratory also does not take part in Erasmus exchange programs.

PhD studentships

We are offering three very attractive PhD studentship combined with a research position starting from October 2018. Those positions are funded from the Marie Curie Innovative Training Network grant RealVision: Hyperrealistic Imaging Experience. They offer excellent training opportunity and relatively high salary. One important restriction is that the candidate must not have resided or carried out their main activity in the UK for more than 12 months in the three years before recruitment. The candidate must not be more than 4 years after obtaining a degree that qualifies for starting a PhD program (usually 4 years since obtaining Msc). This post is intended for more experienced candidates with a strong Msc degree or industrial experience. A track record of good quality work in Computer Graphics and/or Computer Vision will required. The applicants will need to apply for admission to a PhD in Computer Science, preferably before applying for this position. For the details, check the links below:

Guidelines on the project proposal

The project proposal should reflect the candidate’s own approach to the problem introduced in the advert. It should demonstrate candidate's ability to research a given topic, summarize findings and propose a promising research direction. The proposal should be between 2 and 4 pages long.

Below we provide some relevant references for each advertised position. If you cannot access any of the papers (try google scholar first), e-mail me so I can provide an electronic copy.

Position: Visual Perception in VR and Hyper-realistic Displays (NR15775)

The project should explore the theories of cue integration (references below) and check whether they can explain the influence of binocular stereo, high dynamic range and focus cues on perceived realism of the displayed images.

Position: Low-latency Graphics for VR/AR (NR15789)

The project should explore both psychophysical findings related to interactive display lag and practical solutions to the problem. The focus should be on the displays that require head or gaze-tracking. No specific literature is provided for this project.

Position: Computer Graphics and Computational Displays (NR15788)

The candidate can focus on either computer graphic rendering (preferably image-based techniques), or displaying using computational displays. Useful references:

Research Assistant (pre-doc) / Reseact Associate (post-doc)

We are looking for very strong candidates with background in Computer Graphics or Computer Vision, and with the interest aligned with the interests of my group. The candidates should preferably have an established track record of publications in good venues (SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV). If you are interested in applying for such a position, please contact me. The positions are either listed below or they will be officially advertised in due time. In either case, I am happy to discuss them informally.