Rafał Mantiuk *

Before contacting

Please note that I will not be replaying to job-related e-mails when it is evident that the sender did not consult this page, or is mass-sending it to a large number of academics.

Summer Internships

There will be a number of summer internship opportunities in my group for registered University of Cambridge students. The list of the internships can be checked on the UROP web-site.

The Computer Laboratory generally does offer internships for non-registered (non-Cambridge) students, so please do not contact me asking for such. The Computer Laboratory also does not take part in Erasmus exchange programs.

PhD studentships

We are offering two fully-funded PhD positions. They are in a similar area but there are a few important differences between them as they are funded differently:

In both cases we are looking in exceptionally strong candidates who can demonstrate to be the top students in their home institutions and are competent in the relevant areas. If a candidate shows good potential but lacks a track record, she/he can be offered a 6-12 months probation position, which will be conditionally extended to a full PhD studentship.

The PhD should be in one of the following areas (in the order of preference):

Note that the range of topics is broader than what we could put in the advert.

The candidates can include an optional 2-4 page research proposal on one of the topics listed above. Such a proposal may be requested at the later stage from short-listed candidates.

The adverts will be posted in the next few days (mid July 2018)

Research Assistant (pre-doc) / Reseact Associate (post-doc)

We are looking for very strong candidates with background in Computer Graphics or Computer Vision, and with the interest aligned with the interests of my group. The candidates should preferably have an established track record of publications in good venues (SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV). If you are interested in applying for such a position, please contact me. The positions are either listed below or they will be officially advertised in due time. In either case, I am happy to discuss them informally.