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Contact information

Contact email addresses and telephone numbers for various offices are available. Email addresses for staff and students are available via the email directory.

Undergraduate applications

Information about undergraduate courses and admissions is available online. Email queries about undergraduate admissions or courses should go either to the college concerned or to

Graduate applications

Information about admissions and graduate courses and research degrees is available online. Email queries about graduate admissions should go either to the college concerned or to

University of Cambridge examinations

Information about examinations (O and A level and IGCSE) is available from the International Examinations section - email queries to Information about English language examinations is also available - email queries to

Language courses

The University does not run any language courses. See more information on finding a course in Cambridge.

Press enquiries

Press should consult the page for access to information.

Publications from Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press has its own web server at for UK and for international enquiries. Enquiries to

Computing enquiries

The University Computing Service has pages at Enquiries to Questions and support about Computing Service facilities to