Module Path

module Path: sig .. end
internal canonical long identifiers

type t 
val compare : t -> t -> int
val pp : Format.formatter -> t -> unit
val from_id : Ident.t -> t
val mk_path : Name.t list -> Name.t -> t
val mk_path_list : Name.t list -> t
mk_path_list names splits names into ns @ [n] and calls mk_path ns n. It fails, if names is empty.
val get_module_path : t -> t option
get_module_path p returns the module path of path p. If if is a path of an identifier m0. ... . mn . f, then get_module returns the module path m0. ... . mn. If the path does not have a module prefix, i.e. if it is a single name f, None is returned.
val natpath : t
val listpath : t
val vectorpath : t
val boolpath : t
val bitpath : t
val setpath : t
val stringpath : t
val unitpath : t
val charpath : t
val numeralpath : t
val get_name : t -> Name.t
val get_toplevel_name : t -> Name.t
get_toplevel_name p gets the outmost name of a path. This is important when checking prefixes. For example, the result for path is module and for name it is name.
val check_prefix : Name.t -> t -> bool
val to_ident : Ast.lex_skips -> t -> Ident.t
val to_name : t -> Name.t
val to_name_list : t -> Name.t list * Name.t
val to_string : t -> string