Downloading MetiTarski

MetiTarski is distributed in both source and binary (Linux and OSX) formats. We ask that you supply your e-mail address to register your copy.

It should be possible to compile the sources on any of the main operating systems. Please note that MetiTarski is experimental research software and will require a certain amount of effort to build on your machine. You will need to download and install two further pieces of software:

If you have difficulties using MetiTarski, I would be happy to help. In return I hope you can provide advice on how to improve it, sample problems, applications, etc.

Getting the sources from Bitbucket

The source code repository is hosted at Bitbucket, where you can download pre-release versions of MetiTarski. Unless you are very brave, you will be better off sticking with one of the standard releases, since they have been thoroughly tested.

Lawrence C. PaulsonComputer LaboratoryUniversity of Cambridge