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An Example Form

An example of form that demonstrates many of these features is:

<HEAD><TITLE>Pub List Feedback</TITLE></HEAD>
<H1>Pub List Feedback</H1>
Please use this form to let us know about any good pubs you come
across in London.
<B>Pub Name:</B>
<INPUT TYPE=text NAME=pubname SIZE=40> 
<B>Pub Address:</B>
<INPUT TYPE=text NAME=pubaddress SIZE=40,4>
<B>Area of London:</B>
<OPTION>The City
<OPTION>Kensington and Chelsea
<OPTION>Out of the Centre
<OPTION>Further afield
<TEXTAREA NAME=description ROWS=6 COLS=80>Describe your pub here!
<INPUT TYPE=radio NAME=grade VALUE=1>Average.
<INPUT TYPE=radio NAME=grade VALUE=2 CHECKED>Worth going to.
<INPUT TYPE=radio NAME=grade VALUE=3>Worth a detour.
<INPUT TYPE=radio NAME=grade VALUE=4>Worth a long detour!
<B>Your Name:</B>
<INPUT TYPE=text NAME=username SIZE=40>
<B>Your email address:</B>
<INPUT TYPE=text NAME=useremail SIZE=40>
<I>(You can leave these blank if you don't want to be credited)</I>
<INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE="I've finished now">
<INPUT TYPE=reset VALUE="Ooops, can I start again?">
See figure 5.9 for how this looks on the NCSA Mosaic browser.

Figure 5.9:  An example form as displayed by NCSA Mosaic

Jon Crowcroft
Wed May 10 11:46:29 BST 1995